Webex audio quality issues

If your computer audio settings are not configured correctly, you can change settings from within your meeting.

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Note : A prompt will appear when you join your meeting or event to set your audio and video devices, If you have any issues, refer to the instructions below. If the test is successful, click Call Using Computer to join the audio conference. Stay connected with the people you need, without traveling. Skip To Content Help Center.

webex audio quality issues

English en-us. Popular help topics:. How do I configure my audio devices for Webex meetings? How do I test my speakers and microphone in a Webex meeting? How do I configure my computer audio settings in a Webex meeting?

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How do I modify the settings for the call using computer function in an Event? How do I test my speakers and microphone in an Event? Under Call Using Computerclick on Change settings. The 'Computer Audio Settings' window appears. Product: Webex Events,Webex Meetings. Was this article helpful? Yes No. Thanks for the feedback! Comments or suggestions? We're sorry this page did not help. How can we improve? Is this about? Product e. Webex, Jabber etc.

This Article. This Website. Thanks for your feedback. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco public.Free introductory online course: Core Competency 1: Know the purpose and desired outcomes for every meeting. Nov 18, by Elise Keith in meeting technology 15 minute read. Just want the highlights? Get the key tips minus all the commentary in the PDF version of this guide.

webex audio quality issues

ReadyTalk says that " The number 1 enemy of online conferences is poor audio quality ", and I agree with that. When we first released Lucid Meetings, we didn't include support for audio or video conferencing. We figured everyone already had something they used - WebEx most often, or maybe a Freeconferencecall. But time after time, we'd get support complaints from people who had trouble running a meeting because the audio failed, begging us to please add audio to Lucid so they could cancel their existing service.

So, we began integrating audio conferencing into Lucid. We started with a simple web-only audio feature, but soon found it too limiting. Next, we integrated a full-on conferencing service : toll dialing, toll-free numbers, call recording, international, the works.

Pretty soon we were running meetings that really needed video. We added integrations with SkypeGoogle Hangoutsand appear. Then, our big clients with expensive contracts through Adigo, Verizon and InterCall demanded we support their private conferencing in our meetings, and we added ways to set up custom audio profiles. Every time we set up a new way to run audio or video conferencing, we'd test it and run into problems.

Every time. I poured through reams of support documentation for each vendor, and spent hours talking with smart audio engineers who can explain all about codecs and trunk routing and the intricacies of the PSTN and soooo many important technical details about why any particular call might not work with their service. The answers to these questions depend on the kind of meeting you're running, who you're meeting with, and the problems you're facing.

One solution: The Lucid platform supports several kinds of audio and video conferencing, and provides a way for facilitators to quickly switch between them if one should fail entirely. This provides a technical way to recover from failed audio by just swapping it out. Even more important in our book for emulating that in-person experience: Spend no more than 1 minute troubleshooting audio problems during a meeting. Anything that requires the internet to work for voice or video transmission may fail at any moment.

This means that no matter how awesome a conferencing service might be - and lots of them are extremely awesome - they'll still fail when your internet connection gets shaky.

A client that uses Lucid to conduct interviews can always connect to the conference number using his home phone, but never with his cell phone. One group wrote to say how much they love using web-based audio, while another complained about web-audio creating an unbearable echo.Can it be a problem with headset?

I can't see any problems loss of packets during meetings. Buy or Renew. Find A Community. We're here for you! Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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webex audio quality issues

Victor Elizarov. Cisco Webex Meetings Server poor audio quality. When I initiate a meeting my opponent badly hears me, I hear him well. On the audio record made in webex quality of a voice is good. Labels: Webex Meetings. I have this problem too. Latest Contents. Webex Control Hub - some hints for new admins. Created by azoupas on AM. Created by olly cowan on AM.I have a user who has been having audio issues for months with their webex meetings.

It seems like every webexmeeting there is a time where he loses audio from his mic where the other people on the meeting cannot hear him for about a minute or so. It happens sometimes to other users but for this user it happens majority of the time. Has anyone have any ideas on what would be causing this issue? I asked the user and he said he never had a problem with skype. I have Webex still looking into it he is now going to try a different network and they have a tracer to see if they see anything Try changing the "Default Communications Device" and "Default Device" to be the microphone that you want to use.

Thanks for the thread and comments so far. Some of my users 'hosts' have been having the same issues, been very difficult to track down the source of the problem so far. Webex runs billions of minutes a month, not sure how many in the unified communication version, so I figured if it were a system problem, there would be more results in Google describing this issue. Catching the problem when it occurs is part of the problem, and getting end users to cooperate can make it difficult to make any progress.

Brand Representative for VXi Corporation. Is your user using an analog mic input through the soundcard, or is it USB? Does the issue exist if you use the analog inputs as well?

If so, then you can discount USB as the issue. So if you haven't already, make sure these items have been taken care of:. General USB driver update fix. Handle leak occurs in the Audiodg. Audio stops intermittently. Description of the cumulative update package for Lync October The other question is that if they are using a USB device, are they connected directly to the computer's integral USB ports, or are they using a hub?

Brand Representative for Yamaha Unified Communications. And that person can't hear the other people talking until they stop. Note that this can happen even if one party has a full duplex audio solution, if the other party is using a half-duplex audio device. Or their phone service is only half duplex though this is becoming rare in today's world. Please check out a recent blog on our website that goes into more detail on full vs.Contact your administrator for more information.

Content sharing is only supported using H.

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Older video systems that do not support H. Environments newly implementing Cloud-based services, or reviewing integration with Cloud-based services, should ensure that their Telepresence endpoints are sending High Definition Content. Any cascades in Webex Meetings are limited to up to six streams at a time in either direction.

Likewise, Webex Video Platform users only see up to six participants using Webex Meetings apps including apps for desktop, mobile, and web. Also, any participants that are connected through Webex Video Mesh nodes have the same limitation between their specific Webex Video Mesh node and devices or apps that are connected directly to the Webex cloud or other Webex Video Mesh nodes.

Display names for video conferencing system users are not visible in the Webex meeting video window. This issue will be addressed in a future update.

Sometimes, when hosts end a Webex video platform version 1 meeting by leaving their Personal Room and then reentering their Personal Room within a few seconds, they may hear an audio prompt about an invalid meeting.

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If this happens, the host should hang up and wait a few seconds before redialing the Personal Room. A scheduled Webex video platform version 1 meeting can't last for more than 12 hours. Hosts and participants can reenter the meeting, or can schedule a new one. For users on Webex Meetings sites that utilize TSP audio conference bridges, video systems will not be able to join meetings until the meeting host has configured the toll phone number for their TSP audio service provider.

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To avoid this problem in a meeting, we recommend that hosts specify the toll number of the TSP audio service in their account preferences. Due to some dial-out sequences having multiple steps and longer prompt durations that cannot be interrupted, it may take a while before audio from Webex Meetings users joining through phones can be heard by video systems and video systems can be heard by phones.

During this time, users who have joined from video systems have no indication that their audio is not being heard by users who have joined using Webex Meetings. To avoid this problem, all participants should wait until the TSP audio dial-out sequence is complete, which is indicated by phone handset icons appearing next to participants' names in the participants list.

If there is network bandwidth degradation on a user's video system, its video resolution may be reduced to a size that better accommodates the current network conditions. In that scenario, the display names of participants may appear truncated in the video endpoint active presence view.

This is due to the lower resolution video for the video stream, which has a limited number of pixels to display the participant name. Starting in WBS33, Webex Meetings apps default to a filmstrip layout which requires that each participant be able to send thumbnail-quality video streams.

Since Video Platform Version 1 only supports sending the active speaker video to Webex MeetingsVideo Platform users will not have their video displayed in the filmstrip. If attendees join a meeting using video systems that do not setup encrypted signaling links or use encrypted media links, the meeting cannot be considered fully secured, since there are other devices whose connections cannot be secured. The encrypted meeting status icon on video systems utilizing Telepresence Interoperability Protocol TIP or Call-Info security attributes does not reliably indicate the encryption status in meetings.

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Even when all call legs are encrypted, this icon may still indicate an unencrypted meeting. Content that is shared in a Webex video platform version 1 meeting is transcoded into the main video channel for users on Lync and Skype for Business clients.After an account is activated, administrators have two days and end-users have three days to sign in, before the account deactivates.

When you receive the email, follow the instructions to reset your password and sign into your account. If the user subsequently imports all cookies from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox, they automatically sign in every time they start Firefox.

Signing out manually does not resolve the issue. This occurs even if they checked Remember me the last time they signed in to the Webex site. You can prevent your system from sending this message by changing your compatibility settings. Remove the domain name of your Cisco Webex Meetings Server from the list of web sites that you have added to your Compatibility View if it is present.

The participants can use the forwarded invitations to attend meetings initially. However, after a system upgrade the forwarded invitations do not work and participants see the following message: "The meeting does not exist or has already ended. Forward meeting emails as necessary.

Also the message, "The file you are attempting to play has an extension. Playing the file may result in unexpected behavior. To permanently resolve this issue, accept the CWMS certificate as trusted. After you stop using the application sharing or desktop sharing features, Cisco Webex Meetings Server enables the disabled graphics settings. On the Dashboard and Meeting Trends page, the meeting appears with no participants. If a meeting participant other than the host attends the meeting and then leaves before the host joins, the meeting does not appear on the Meetings page.

The system is waiting for the host to start the meeting on the web client or is still using the telephone to join the meeting for audio only. This failure occurs only when the user attempts to download and install the Cisco Webex Meetings application the first time they to join a meeting. If this does not work, have users manually install the Cisco Webex Meetings application from the Downloads page.

These workarounds assume that users have administrator privileges to install applications on their PCs. If they do not have administrator privileges, you can push the Cisco Webex Meetings application to their PCs.

The following error message appears when a participant attempts to join a Webex meeting:. You cannot join the meeting now because the number of concurrent users has reached the system's limit. Contact your administrator for further support. This error message appears if a participant attempts to join a meeting and exceeds the maximum number of concurrent users supported by your system. The audio portion of a Webex meeting does not have a limit for the number of concurrent users.To improve poor video and audio quality on your Cisco WebEx Telepresence device, do the following:.

Buy or Renew. Find A Community. We're here for you! Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Click on a topic board below to get started in the community. Discover Small Business Solutions. Jersey Community Hospital Story. Helpful Small Business Resources.

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Connect with Others and Cisco. Review Small Business Products. WebEx Telepresence: Improve poor video and audio quality. Labels: WebEx Telepresence. To improve poor video and audio quality on your Cisco WebEx Telepresence device, do the following: Make sure that you have sufficient bandwidth to support the service.

The minimum requirements are 1. Make sure that your network prioritizes video and audio traffic appropriately.

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See WebEx Telepresence: Network hosts for information. Tags: audio. Latest Contents. Created by chiprule on AM. Hi Guys,I have a question about acl and vlan interface. Created by richjim on AM. Can someone assist? Thank you! Created by gregghudson on AM. ASA version 9.

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