Renegade hybrid porsche for sale

BUT, most normally aspirated and turbo owners have dreamt of a big turbo engine upgrade to get that badly needed horsepower the has always seemed to lack. Starting at over HP stock, this abundant late-model engine series has become our best pick for more horse power in the conversions. Plus, the all aluminum LS series power plants are actually slightly lighter than a turbo engines.

This means you get greater power and reliability at less weight and cost. This is precisely why the is now the most popular German car to convert using a V8 on the planet. Some minor modifications may be necessary, but you are welcome to call us for more specifics. If you are looking for our highest recommendation for a donor engine, we use new GM Performance Crate Engines.

We can help source one of these engines for you when purchasing our Renegade Hybrids conversion kit. We have had many customers come to us after spending 10's of thousands of dollars for that 'Big Turbo Motor' I referred to previously. Then, with the issue of reliability leaving you stranded and embarrassed, or dead at the track after paying entry fees, our customers couldn't wait to drop-kick the four cylinder in favor of the Chevy V8. Some support parts are still available so please inquire.

For owners excluding ''88 S looking to do a conversion, kits are not available. We found that the platform could not properly support the cumbersome "U" shaped motor mount that is required.

Plus, you would need to change the brakes, the torque tube, transaxle, "CV" axles, and the whole clutch pedal assembly, which adds greatly to the difficulty of the conversion. If you attempted to retain the drive train, not only was it too weak for even a mild V-6, but the gear ratios were very short. Adapter Plate pre-assembled with hydraulic throw out bearing, custom hydraulic line and fittings, and hardware. Motor Mount kit complete with engine mount uprights, block plates, rubber isolators, and hardware.

Custom road-race oil pan with windage tray and spring loaded trap doors, oil pump pick up tube and hardware. Custom extended SS clutch line with bleeder valve for remote bleeding.

They are stainless with a thick head flange and 3-inch collectors pictures.Porsche V8 swaps are nothing new. We've seen the procedure done on everything from old air-cooled models to newer water-cooled s.

What we haven't seen a lot of though, is the controversial swap done on Porsche's newer generation cars. What's even more interesting is, this one is a highly desirable GT3. Sorry purists. At first glance, not much seems out of the ordinary. The car has a cage, some OEM side decals, and even optional carbon ceramic brakes. Getting up close is where the fun begins, though. Two "LS3" stickers occupy each fender, as well as a third sticker on the rear deck-lid—a few subtle hints about what's under the hood.

Opening the engine compartment reveals a brand new 6. According to the seller, a Renegade Hybrid conversion kit was used to complete the swap. The engine is said to make horsepower, and lb. In true track-ready fashion, the carbon ceramic rotors have been swapped out for steel items less expensive to replaceand the aftermarket digital gauge cluster has been fitted with data logging software. Air conditioning is said to function normally, along with ABS and stability control. There's no word on why the swap was done, or where the original 3.

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Renegade Hybrids LS-3 930 Slant Nose Dyno Runs

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.See all 31 photos. A sharp stab of their throttles sends a fusillade of thunder through the cave-like confines of Renegade Hybrids' shop, and I can't stop smiling.

This is going to be a trip. Renegade Hybrids has, for more than 30 years, cultivated a cult following by turning broken and unreliable Porsches into cars that break reliability stereotypes. And don't let the name fool you: Renegade Hybrids doesn't turn Porsche into eco-friendly electric sports cars. It rips out the broken Stuttgart-assembled flat-six hearts and replaces them with six or more liters of American displacement.

The procedure might leave most Porsche purists furious, but these hybrids are anything but a genetic disaster. The noise they produce is phenomenal, especially coming from the It doesn't gel with the clean, Stuttgart-designed lines and conservative interior trim; instead, it's a primeval V-8 barrage.

The cannon fire settles into a lopping idle: rump, dum, dum, dum, rump, dum, dum, dum. There's no high whoop, no sonic wail.

renegade hybrid porsche for sale

Instead, the ground and glass in the tiny industrial shop shake from the cacophony. There's nothing special about the Boxster's interior.

There's no RacePak gauge cluster, no additional temperature, oil pressure, or any other typical aftermarket gauges. The steering wheel is stock and connected to the stock rack. Every single piece of interior trim is factory original, and everything work: radio, gauges, windows, power seats, even the electrically controlled retractable top. This is a comfortable daily driver.

This is my daily driver after all. But get on it. You won't be disappointed. The sport seats, relics from the late s, are still supportive with just a hint of cushion to swaddle my behind.

The stock shifter feels well weighted as I swipe it back and forth. A light throttle blip is all I need to fall for this car. For a moment, I stop caring how it drives. Or handles. Or if it squeaks and rattles and threatens to shake its bolts loose. A Boxster with a V-8? Trundling down the road, it hardly feels different from an unmodified Boxster. The ride is firm but compliant.

The brakes bite exactly where you'd expect the stock units would, even though they've been upgraded. And the original Porsche steering geometry allows the driver to place the car wherever he or she wants.First off this is a Porsche renegade. I purchased this over three years ago and it was a project that someone had started and then quit. The following items were in place when I purchased it. The Transaxle was completely gone through by the guys in Vegas Renegade Hybrids and the gears flipped, 1st gear was eliminated and a Quafe' limited slip was put in.

In addition turbo axles and early 80's SC suspension and breaks. The chevy ZZ4 crate motor was new and had a slightly more aggressive cam put in but when I took delivery of the car it had sat for years in his garage.

Front engine seal had to be replaced along with stock valve covers and gaskets. The body was original but in need of a new paint job. Removed rust in and around the center floor horizontals. POR13 coated as well. ALL new rubber from the front trunk to the rear. That includes all the top seals to boot.

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Replaced the front windshield, seals and trim. Replaced the master cylinder with the version. Rebuilt the SC calipers, new pads and rotors. All OEM. New fiberglass rear piece that is behind the seats. New springs in the doors. You will not find this done on any other that I have seen. The car has been completely painted last year and is what I would call "good". It's a driver and I had a drivers paint job put on the car. The paint job and body work was about 8K so it was not a "cheap job".

Anger Your Local Porsche Club and Buy This V8-Swapped 911 GT3

Theyused the original Porsche Silver. Now the front drivers side quarter had seen some action as well as the rear which was evident by some poor welds. These were fixed and aligned properly. I of course cannot say the car is rust free because we all know these cars but this car is about as good as I have seen and especially with the repairs I had done.

It's in great shape. California car it's entire life and really a survivor. The vent system was taken out and VDO gauges placed in that area.

Brand New Alpine cassette Found it online new in box. The car is not perfect. The engine is strong. It's a ZZ4 engine based on the serial number.

Horse Power is estimated to be and let me tell you it's nuts.

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The beautiful thing is you can drive this car to the grocery store as it idles perfectly, in fact if your easy on the gas it behaves very well. Drives great and my wife actually enjoys it. When you get with it though you better be ready. Renegade radiator and fans with a high output Eldebrock water pump.

The car has a front intake for the radiator. Two exit areas behind the front wheels and one at the bottom.Make an Offer.

renegade hybrid porsche for sale

The auction ended and the reserve was met however, the buyer has flaked out due to personal reasons. The seller has chosen to re-list the car at a very aggressive price point. And now for something completely different. Is that a Chevy V-8 in that Porsche ? The car was built in at 21, miles. The turbo has considerable turbo boost lag while this vehicle has immediate low rev torque.

This vehicle is simply a pleasure to drive.


This vehicle is faster, more reliable and more fun to drive. Also consider the price of the car, paint job, tires and wheels etc. There are a few paint chips. Weather stripping in excellent condition. All glass in excellent condition. No rust galvanized steel body. No tears or cracks in dash or doors. Leather seats have usual wear but are covered with custom color matching seat covers. New carpet kit installed. Underside of convertible top in excellent shape.

Material in great condition except for two small holes that have been professionally repaired. Estimated horsepower maybe more. Beautiful rims with big SC disc brakes. Custom cooling system designed and installed by Renegade.

The system was refurbished including having the entire air condition unit installed with brand new parts. Plan on a great ride! I have not viewed or photographed this great car. I am relying on the pictures and details provided to me by the seller. I can tell based on numerous conversations with the owner that this car has been well maintained and is ready to take you on your weekend adventures.

The owner invites and encourages any interested party to inspect this car in Montreal, Canada and determine for yourself that this car is truly in very good condition. To view other available vehicles, click here. Take the hassle out of selling your vehicle and give it to me. There have been many people who have lost bids in the past because they were not familiar with proxy bidding. When you bid, bid the maximum amount that you are willing to spend on the vehicle.

Each time someone bids higher than your last bid, eBay will automatically increment your bid by the minimum bid amount until it reaches your maximum. Everybody is happy!!! Read what a buyer has to say about the quality of my service after he purchased a beautiful Mercedes SL.

The description of the car was complete, informative and quite accurate. There were no surprises. All my questions and concerns were promptly addressed. His attention to details continued beyond the actual sale until the car was safely in my garage.Login Register Sitemap Contact us Home.

This vehicle was completely taken a part down to nothing and restored back to new. It has a Z28 small block Chevy engine. The block is a with a steel crank. The heads are not stock, they are ported and polished. The transmission is a 5 speed.

1973 Porsche 914 Renegade

The front end is all Porscheall gauges and interior as well. Dual electric fans with aluminum radiator. The car has just a little over miles on it and is as new. Polished Fuchs wheels. The rear quarters were cut and stretched to accomodate the larger tires. It is one of the fastest cars I've ever driven. This was a professionally built Porsche, there are no disappointments here. If yo have any other questions, feel free to email and leave your number so I will get back to you.

Vehicle is sold as is, where is, with no warrenty expressed or implied. Serious bidders only. Auction can end at any time due to multiple listings. More Porsche classic cars for sale. Porsche Renegade. Porsche Renegade Hybrids. Montgomery Village, Maryland, United States. Make an Enquiry.NYRA Bets DRF Bets Free Bets FreeBets.

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renegade hybrid porsche for sale

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